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Orecchini rosa e diamanti di Leaderline

On the Leaderline line

New jewels signed by Leaderline, the brand for young design by Blue White Group ♦ ︎ Blue White Group is a historic Italian company, based in Milan and founded by […]

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Anello con tre diamanti

Bliss makes Lumina between him and her

The Bliss Lumina jewelery line: white gold and diamonds for engagement or marriage (and not only) ♦ ︎ When it comes to classics, it means something that lasts over time, […]

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Pendenti in argenti placcato oro, perle e crisoprasio

Beware of jellyfish

Let’s face it: when you swim in the sea, a jellyfish is not the favorite rendezvous. But when it comes to jewelry can be different: Mumati, brand born of the […]

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Bracciale Giorgio Visconti, collezione Anima

Giorgio Visconti has 18 souls

Giorgio Visconti offers the Anima (the word means soul in italian language) to make women happy. Be ‘, nothing to do with the spirit, but rather with the aesthetics of […]

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