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Orecchino della collezione Distrito Federal II in oro bianco, diamanti tormalina verde

You and Kim Hye Mee

The modern and reversible rings of Belgian designer Kimy Gringoire Lejeune and her brand Kim Hye Mee ♦ She is named Kimy Gringoire Lejeune and she founded the brand Kim […]

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Luna collection ring, rose gold and diamonds

Korloff from black to pink

The Luna collection by the Parisian brand Korloff: gold, diamonds and many rounded geometries ♦ Hold a record is a good starting point, even for the jewels: the Parisian brand […]

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Uno degli anelli all'asta

Nirav Modi at auction

After the bankruptcy, Nirav Modi jewels will be auctioned in New York ♦ Good news for those who can invest a few thousand dollars or euros for a high quality […]

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Giorgio Visconti, anello trilogy della linea Tesoro, oro bianco e diamanti

The “yes” of Giorgio Visconti

Jewelery dedicated to the bridal event by Giorgio Visconti ♦ ︎ Andrea and Fabrizio Visconti drive to Valenza the company founded in 1946 by their father, Giorgio Visconti. The years have […]

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