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Anello Aurora Boreale

A secret world in a ring

Rings and pendants that are inspired by nature: for those who love seas, mountains and forests ♦ Some wooden rings. This is nothing new, let’s face it. But those of […]

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Collana in oro e diamanti con il simbolo del riciclaggio di materiali

The green jewelry by Gazza Ladra, New York

Even jewelry is increasingly sensitive to the Greta effect: the work of Gazza Ladra demonstrates this. In addition to being a work by Gioachino Rossini and a bird that loves […]

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Anello in oro rosa e zaffiro lavanda

BaYou with Love offers jewelry with gold hidden in computers

Do you want to know the most important words for jewelry in the coming years? Recycled cotton canvas, tencel (fiber produced from cellulose), recycled plastic, low chemical dyeing fabrics, organic […]

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Spilla a forma di ramo e ghianda, con oro verde 18 carati, perla di Tahiti, platino, zaffiri , diamanti

The jewels of Aaron Henry that love nature and are born in California

Jewels and nature, jewelry and the environment, jewelry and sustainability: Aaron Henry is a Californian jeweler who puts green philosophy first. But without giving up luxury. Perhaps Greta Thunberg, the […]

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Generazione Z

Gold becomes greener

A worldwide survey reveals an increasing consumer interest in extracted gold respecting the environment ♦ ︎ Who doesn’t love nature? Who wants a more polluted environment? Who doesn’t want clean […]

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