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Pandora on Aladdin’s flying carpet

in vetrina
Il genio della lampada

There are those who dream of walking on a red carpet and those who dream of a flying carpet. In fact, dribbling traffic on a flying carpet would also be in tune with a green economy. And there are those who have made the dream come true, at least in the fairy tales of the…

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From Vhernier earrings for Aladdin

in ANELLI/Orecchini/vetrina
Orecchini in oro rosa e lapislazzuli o madreperla

Aladdin is a character who is part of the folk tales in the East. The best known is the one contained in the Thousand and One Nights, although not everyone knows that the fable with the 40 thieves was not part of the original text, but was added to the collection by the Frenchman Antoine…

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The thousand faces of Vhernier

in vetrina

Innovate coherently: Vhernier with its new collection Plissé has shown that is possible to keep its own style even if adopting a different language. But, different only seemingly, because if the shapes of bracelets, rings and earrings are characterized by surfaces broken down into many faces that are reflected in each other, the harmony between volumes and…

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