La parure indossata
La parure indossata

Stefan Hafner, news for birthday

Are coming new collections for 50 years of Stefan Hafner. This is the first: a parure with diamonds and rubies.
Stefan Hafner was founded in Bologna in 1967. The 2017, therefore, is a special date: 50 years of activity and a vitality remained intact. The founder of this brand of jewelry, in fact, has left a legacy that continues to fascinate thanks to its unique mix: the Swiss precision and Italian creativity, the origin of the family history of Hafner. His technique, which allows to realize jewels with geometric patterns made of stone and often juxtaposed with flexible surfaces, it is still used and is a trademark of the Maison factory. The 50 years of one of the most sophisticated names in jewelery could only be celebrated by paying tribute to the creations of the founder. New collections in bursts are announced throughout the year. And there was already a preview at VicenzaOro January, with a parure consisting of earrings, ring and necklace made with currently pending with diamonds and rubies. Two pieces that confirm the style and skillful processing of gold and stones of the House.

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