Collier Fortuna indossato
Collier Fortuna. Copyright.

Spring in flight with Stenzhorn

A necklace dedicated to Fortuna and composed of sapphires and diamonds. It is high jewelry by Stenzhorn, a Maison founded in 1979 by the Stenzhorn brothers in Boppard, an ancient German town on the banks of the Rhine river. The Fortuna necklace has the shape of a swallow in flight, with diamonds and intense blue sapphires that recall the iridescent beauty of the plumage of the bird. The Fortuna necklace joins the series of necklaces with animal motifs, for which Stenzhorn is famous.

La collana Fortuna, con diamanti e zaffiri blu
The Fortuna necklace, with diamonds and blue sapphires

The name of the jewel, Fortuna, has a history. The ancient Romans believed that the gods could transform into swallows, which is why they considered this species of bird sacred, one of the first messengers of spring. Each year the swallow returns to its birthplace and becomes a symbol of renewal and good luck in many cultures. To evoke the swallow, Stenzhorn chose custom-cut buff sapphires to create a smooth, organic silhouette. Attention to detail is paramount and the sapphires are set in blackened gold to enhance the deep blue of the stones and create a continuous flow of rich color running along the wings. The pear-shaped diamonds, set in white gold, imitate the bird’s fluttering feathers. Hidden joints along the wings and tail give the bird lifelike movement.
La collana Fortuna con il disegno preparatorio
The Fortuna necklace with the preparatory drawing

Suspended from the creature’s small beak is a pear-shaped blue sapphire, symbolizing freedom and new beginnings. A vivid emerald green eye completes the delightful composition. The swallow is perfectly integrated into a flexible diamond necklace that falls softly around the neck. The series required 700 hours of highly skilled work over four months.

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