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How to buy a diamond ring

Three simple checks to do before buying a diamond ring.

When you buy a diamond ring, the expense is demanding. You have to be sure, therefore, that the stone set on gold or platinum is really worth the price paid. And, in any case, that the diamond you buy is authentic. How do you find out the truth? Unfortunately, only a professional gemologist, equipped with refined analysis equipment, can distinguish a real diamond from one created in the laboratory. But even an inexperienced person can often realize if the diamond is actually a crystal, a zircon or a moissanite. Here are three simple checks you can do yourself.

Anello in platino con diamante taglio cuscino

1 Ask for the certificate

Rings with diamonds of a certain carat weight, in short, those that are not exactly tiny, are accompanied by a certificate issued by a gemological institute. Check on the internet what credit is attributed to the company that issued the certificate. In short, check if the gemological institute is recognized. In the analysis that accompanies the diamond, the quality of the stone (the famous four C) must be specified, starting with the color. The best colorless diamonds are classified with the letter D, but with the naked eye you will hardly notice the difference with a diamond classified G. In the gemological certificate the transparency, any inclusions, the degree of crystallization are also specified. What if the diamond isn’t perfect? This is one more reason to think that it is authentic: a diamond with the highest classification in all its aspects is very rare and, moreover, extremely expensive. In any case, if the diamond does not have a certificate, it does not necessarily mean that it is fake. If it costs a lot, though, it’s worth a scrutiny.

Recarlo, anello della collezione Blue Carpet indossato
Recarlo, anello della collezione Blue Carpet indossato

2 Easy test

We repeat: only a gemologist or a laboratory can establish the authenticity of a stone. However, some easy experiments may warn you. In any case, it is easier to examine a loose stone than a diamond mounted on a ring, especially if it is a bezel (that is, surrounded by a metal band on the edge). But, if you can, take the diamond, hold it in the palm of your hand and blow (very gently, to keep it from flying away). When the diamond tarnishes, place the top (the table) on a vertical glass. If it sticks slightly, the diamond is more likely to be real. On the contrary, if it falls it is more likely to be false. This simple experiment does not give you any certainty, but it may be the signal that it is better to better control the stone.

Selezione dei diamanti nel laboratorio di Antwerp (Anversa)
Selezione dei diamanti nel laboratorio Tiffany di Antwerp (Anversa)

3 Observe what is around

If you have the money to buy a Prada, Vuitton or Hèrmes handbag, do you walk around with a dress purchased from H & M? Possible, but very difficult. Likewise, an authentic diamond will not be mounted on a poor quality piece of jewelry. For example, on a gold ring that is not 18 or 14 karat. There are also those who propose diamonds on 9-karat gold, but these are quite rare cases. A large diamond on a 9-karat silver or gold band, with imperfect workmanship, can raise suspicions. Again, before buying it is better to rely on the opinion of an expert.

Anello con diamante a taglio marquise
Anello con diamante a taglio marquise

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