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Retail diamonds online with Dimexon

Dimexon is one of De Beers’ leading intermediaries, with sales offices around the world. The company specializes in round cut diamonds and is a partner of many top-rated watch and jewelry houses. The company, founded in 1966 by Pankaj Mehta and now a second generation family business, deals only with traceable natural diamonds of ethical origin. Now Dimexon is launching a new service: a digital channel specializing in the supply of small and non-certified, ethical and traceable diamonds, with no minimum order. A service that can be interesting for small jewelers. As Vishal P. Mehta, director of Dimexon, explains to

Vishal P. Mehta, director of Dimexon
Vishal P. Mehta, director of Dimexon

Can you describe the new service on

Our new B2B e-tail site is an digital marketplace where approved professionals can order fully traceable, perfectly calibrated, natural melee diamonds as simply as making any other online purchase. On the site we offer more than 120 types of round, white diamonds and, crucially for smaller businesses, there is no minimum order. All of our diamonds are cut and polished in-house at our headquarters in Coimbatore, India, and then quality checked and shipped from our Dimexon office in Antwerp. The e-tail site is being run out of Copenhagen, and will initially be focused on the European market.

Who is the service aimed at?

Over the years, we have experienced an increased demand for smaller orders and realised that there was a section of the market that was not being served properly by the diamond industry. The launch of the e-tail site was a reaction to this – a digital space where our customers can order in whatever quantity they require, whether that is bulk order or just a few stones for a bespoke design. By doing so, our high-quality, fully traceable and consistent supply of natural melee diamonds can now be accessed by all jewellers, watchmakers, designers and workshops. We feel this is a breakthrough for the jewellery industry.

What is the quality of the gems for sale?

Customers can select 40 different calibrations in 13 varying levels of quality across the business, which is a relatively wide offering. It is important to note that we only sell natural diamonds, and we have a rigorous testing process to ensure we can guarantee this.

Screenshot del servizio di shopping Dimexon
Screenshot del servizio di shopping Dimexon

Is there a minimum order?

Dimexon’s new e-tail site has no minimum order, which is one of our main USPs and an innovative feature of our offering. We believe this makes us the first major diamond manufacturer to offer traceable diamonds with no minimum order, therefore levelling the playing field for smaller and independent brands.

How does the online purchase take place? Is your credit card enough?

The customer experience is very simple. Anybody who is registered as a business can sign up and once a customer has registered and passed our KYC checks, they can use our innovative e-tail site as easily as you would any other online website. We accept credit cards as the main form of payment.

Are the diamonds certified? From who?

As we are dealing exclusively in natural melee diamonds, the stones are not certified – this is standard across the industry for the smallest diamonds. However, all our diamonds go through exhaustive quality checks, and we are known for our quality as well as being able to guarantee that all our diamonds are natural. Although the launch of the e-tail site might mean some jewellers are hearing about us for the first time, Dimexon launched in 1966 and the company has built a strong reputation as a trusted supplier to some of the best-known major luxury brands in the industry, who rely on us to supply them with top-quality diamonds. 

Analisi delle gemme nel laboratorio di Demexon
Analisi delle gemme nel laboratorio di Demexon

There is a lot of attention on the ethical origin of gems. What is your policy?

There is indeed – and this is as it should be. An ethical approach to manufacturing diamonds is something that has been at the heart of our business since we started in 1966, a time when few companies were talking about ethics. As such, we do not have one policy but an entire business that has been built around sustainability, traceability and ethics. As we are a fully integrated supplier, we buy in rough diamonds from our trusted suppliers, such as De Beers Group and Rio Tinto, and then perform every other task in house at our factory in Coimbatore and then sell direct to jewellers, thus minimising the number of hands stones pass through. As well as traceability, we have a deep respect for our staff and the environment. We create a safe and caring workplace for our staff – which is more than 87% female – and ensure that we keep our carbon footprint as low as possible through eco-friendly practices, such as harvesting our rainwater. Our corporate responsibility is deeply embedded within our business philosophy. We have been a De Beers Global Sightholder since 1976, going above and beyond its strict rules on ethics, financial prudence and adherence to the Kimberley Process. We are also a Rio Tinto Select Diamantaire and a founding member of The Responsible Jewellery Council. We are fully AML-compliant and have been a voluntary signatory to the IFRS since 2006. As the first diamond company to subscribe to IFRS standards, Dimexon led the way. In due course, De Beers required all its Sightholders to follow suit to improve financial transparency and the stability of the diamond sector. We use our standing and reputation not just to benefit our own company, but to inspire organisations in the diamond industry to follow our example.
What are the delivery times for the stones?

Dimexon offers same or next day shipping with a 3 to 5 day delivery time.

Do all diamonds have the same cut?

We offer only natural round melee diamonds on our new e-tail site, but we have experience offering other cuts through our core business.

Controllo qualità e selezione dei diamanti
Controllo qualità e selezione dei diamanti

For a private buyer which of the famous four C’s (carat, color, clarity and cut), is more important when choosing?
For larger diamonds, all laboratories analyse cut and provide a cut grade on their certificate. For smaller diamonds, this is more challenging, as there is no certification typically provided. The only distinguishable feature when comparing a batch of well-cut and poorly cut small diamonds is that the well-cut stones will have more brilliance, and therefore will emit a brighter sparkle. This is simply because the facets are cut to exacting angles, thereby allowing light to reflect optimally. So if you are buying small diamonds, such as those on our e-tail site, I would prioritise a great cut.

What is your opinion on synthetic diamonds, made in the laboratory?

There is a place for both lab-grown diamonds and natural diamonds in the jewellery industry, and the two can co-exist as each category meets the needs of parallel market requirements. Lab-grown diamonds are the product of technology and therefore, in my opinion, are a good solution for fashion-led accessories and jewellery categories that are not built on lasting value and do not incorporate other investment-quality materials.   

Analisi dei diamanti
Analisi dei diamanti

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    Dimexon is a very good and honest company, thanks to Mr.Pankaj Mehta and his two Sons.
    I would recommend this company to all interested diamond purchasers.

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