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Precious Las Vegas for Gismondi 1754

Orders and sales, both in wholesales and special sales, for 1 million euros. The trip in August of Gismondi 1754, a historic Genoese company that produces high-end jewels, to the Couture in Las Vegas was profitable. Specifically, the Maison has announced that it has collected wholesales orders for 250 thousand euros, which correspond to different types of jewels, already put into production and which will be delivered and invoiced in the next 30 days. To these sales is added the special sales of a single ring for a value of 750 thousand euros concluded with a private customer.

These results confirm the great attractiveness of our jewels, appreciated across the board on every type of target, thanks to a variety of collections that meet the satisfaction of an increasing clientele. The Couture enhanced our international brand awareness, as well as our economic growth in the wake of the results of the second quarter, where we recorded revenues of € 2.50 million for an increase of + 55%. We are very confident that we will be able to continue successfully in the second half of the year.
Massimo Gismondi, CEO of Gismondi 1754

Massimo Gismondi
Massimo Gismondi. Copyright:

In addition, during the Couture, the US chain of large-scale distribution in the luxury sector Neimann Marcus has placed the third order of Gismondi 1754 jewels since the beginning of the year, confirming his interest in the Genoese brand. Furthermore, at the Couture in Las Vegas, the most prestigious exhibition in the world dedicated to the world of Peoples’s choice and Haute Couture Editor’s choice categories, thanks to a necklace in white gold, diamonds and emeralds from the Essenza di Noi collection.

Alta gioielleria Gismondi 1754, collana in oro rosa e diamanti bianchi e fancy
Alta gioielleria Gismondi 1754, collana in oro rosa e diamanti bianchi e fancy

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