news — December 16, 2013 at 6:33 pm

Pasquale Bruni wins X Factor

Pasquale Bruni protagonist on the stage of X Factor. Not as a singer, of course, but as a designer. Her jewelry, in fact, sparked in the final on 12 December at the Mediolanum Forum in Assago (Milan) and live on Sky Uno and Cielo. Simona Ventura, judge of the competition, chose their own creations signed by the fashion house of jewelry to her look. The Ventura was presented with a bright red dress, lit by the glow of a thousand collections Prato Fiorito and Bon Ton in white gold and white diamonds. The collier Prato Fiorito is a unique piece of Maison embroidery white gold consists of 750 modules floral embellished with over 3,700 white diamonds totaling 22.93 carats. It was inspired by the Orient, however, the second look of Simona, who has chosen the line Mandala necklace, rose gold, blue topaz, smoky quartz and milky, which bloom from the lotus flower, a symbol of life. “Woman is a deity, a charming lotus flower. Each petal holds his emotions and mysteries. The jewel has to represent his soul, exalt his light”, says Eugenia Bruni, creative director of the fashion house. Simona Ventura has matched the necklace earrings in rose gold, milky quartz and diamonds collection of Sissi and the rose gold ring, smoky quartz and diamonds collection of Bon Ton Bonheur.




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