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Pasquale Bruni on the air with Zenday

Pasquale Bruni airs: the actress and Zenday American singer wore the creations of Italian jewelry house at the iHeartRadio Music Awards, which was held on April 3 in Los Angeles. Zendaya wore the rings in the collection Secret Gardens in white gold and diamonds (http://gioiellis.com/i-giardini-segreti-di-pasquale-bruni). Each ring is also designed to take the silk scarf Made in Italy that takes up the floral pattern of the collection. Playing with jewel and scarf you can create multiple looks: a precious scarf in a soft bag or worn in your hair up to create a turban jewel.

Zenday con l'anello di Pasquale Bruni
Zenday con l’anello di Pasquale Bruni

Gli anelli della collezione Giardini Segreti
Gli anelli della collezione Giardini Segreti

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