Pandora San Valentino
Charm in argento Sterling 925 a partire da 19 euro. Anelli in argento Sterling 925 a partire da 39 euro. Bracciale in argento Sterling 925 59 euro

Pandora for Valentine’s Day

[wzslider]Hearts everywhere, pink glasses and messages in pavé: is the Pandora collection for Valentine’s Day. In preparation for the feast of love, the Danish company has many new stores. Here are thumbnail images of bracelets, charms, rings, necklaces and earrings. The collection includes two bracelets, one with the closure in a heart shape, on which is engraved the inscription Pandora. The second, however, takes a fashion letters, names and initials used as jewelry. In this case it is the word “love” studded with cubic zirconia. Word who is also the protagonist of one of the 14 new pendants, charm a perforated, like the one with just hearts, some of which shaped with a row of brilliant cut pink cubic zirconia. And, again, the Murano glass pink heart in many different versions. In short, there is plenty of choice. Even for rings that are six and range from two intertwined hearts to more elaborate designs. Finally, two necklaces and a pair of earrings with clean lines, very easy to match with everything. Monica Battistoni

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