Anello di Glauco Cambi
Anello di Glauco Cambi

Nominations for the Incinque Jewels Award are open

From 15 to 17 October 2021. This is the date scheduled for the Incinque Jewels award, indicated as the flagship event of the Rome Jewelery Week 2021. The award, in its second edition, is an international competition that aims to enhance culture of contemporary jewelery. The contest is promoted by the Incinque Open Art Monti Cultural Association of Rome and curated by the architect Monica Cecchini, project director and by the Jewelry art director Emanuele Leonardi, author of the “jewel narrator”. Incinque Jewels will also be the central event of the first edition of the Rome Jewelery Week, an event that will involve associations, goldsmith schools, laboratories and ateliers.

Eugenia Gadaleta
Anello scultura di Emanuele Leonardi

The location has already been decided: the archaeological site Auditorium di Mecenate of Rome, which dates back to 30 BC. It is an ancient nymphaeum built by Gaius Cilnio Mecenate, adviser to Augustus and protector of writers and poets. It is also the site where Virgil and Horace recited their verses, and where sharing in art was promoted.
Roma, Auditorium  di Mecenate
Roma, Auditorium di Mecenate

The collective exhibition will be the result of a selection of artistic goldsmith creations by a jury of experts in the sector. The award, the organizers explain, is also a reflection on the recovery of gestures and conviviality for social regeneration and creating a dialogue between those who create the work and those who observe it. He wants to investigate the function of the jewel as a symbolic object, not just an ornament with an artistic value and an importance often recognized solely for its precious materiality, but the bearer of a message of social value. A very important and heartfelt theme in this extremely difficult historical period, in which there is a great desire to restart with a new spirit and to put art at the center.
Anello di Glauco Cambi
Anello di Glauco Cambi

The three winners will have the opportunity to exhibit their creations with a solo show for the first classified and a two-person show for the second and third classified at the Incinque Open Art Monti gallery in Rome. A special communication award for the jewel will be offered by the consultant and teacher Eugenia Gadaleta which consists of a professional press kit and communication advice. To register and receive the call, send an email by July 19, 2021 to the email address specifying in the subject Incinque Jewels Award Candidate. Info

Anello di Livia d'Agostino
Anello di Livia d’Agostino

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