Lavorazione di gioielleria
Lavorazione di gioielleria

News from the italian Goldsmiths’ Club

Claudio de’ Nobili, from the Neapolitan jewelery company of the same name, joins as advisor in the presidential team of the Club degli Orafi, an association which brings together some of the most important companies in the Italian jewelery industry. It is one of the innovations that emerged during the first of a series of meetings of the Club’s members organized by the newly elected president Maria Cristina Squarcialupi, who is also president of Unoaerre.

I wanted to create the opportunity to meet all the Club colleagues in person, to get to know each other better and to share my presidency program, to make our journey even more enriching and participatory. Since my appointment at the end of April I have continued the activities already started by my predecessor, Giorgio Villa, to carry them forward with the same conviction and commitment. At the same time, we are launching other projects in line with the Club’s vision and, above all, working to increase the opportunities to meet in person: I am firmly convinced that physical presence and direct interaction are fundamental for the development of not only commercial relationships, but also social and cultural.
Maria Cristina Squarcialupi

Maria Cristina Squarcialupi
Maria Cristina Squarcialupi

Club members also had the opportunity to visit the Bulgari high jewelry laboratory, thanks to the vice president of the Club, Mauro Di Roberto, who is also Jewelery Business Unit Managing Director of the Roman Maison. The activities aimed at the world of retail were also presented: in particular, a project that involves an in-depth cultural and sociological investigation to understand the current panorama of the Italian jewelry retail sector, with the aim of enhancing the strengths and identifying weaknesses, developing targeted strategies to address emerging challenges and opportunities. The meeting in Rome marked the beginning of a busy calendar of networking events reserved for entrepreneurs associated with the Goldsmiths’ Club.
Laboratorio di Ivan Barbato
Ivan Barbato’s laboratory

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