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New Swarovski bracelets

Bracelets for the summer, and then for the fall and winter signed Swarovski ♦ ︎

Summer, it’s bijoux time. But the same goes for autumn and winter. Simple, inexpensive, lively, beach-proof, to wear with any mini dress. This is the case of the Swarovski Power Collection, composed of several lively bracelets, already in view of the second half of the year. According to Swarovski’s creative director, Nathalie Colin, “today, a jewel is not just a fashion accessory. For women, it has a much deeper meaning: it is an expression of identity, able to strengthen self-esteem and I am convinced that what we wear has the power to amplify our self-confidence. Women are a true force of nature and the Swarovski Power Collection is the symbol. This new collection is able to give life to a true, brilliant and liberating transformation.”

Bracciale nero Swarovski Power collection
Bracciale nero Swarovski Power collection

The bracelets are available in three styles and various shades. For the fall-winter 19 seasons, the iconic and still popular Slake bracelet from Swarovski undergoes an evolution, becoming the spearhead of the Swarovski Power Collection, with Clear Crystal, Crystal Golden Shadow and Jet Hematite. As well as the multi-turn bracelets in Crystal Silver Night, Scarlet and Montana shades, with the renewed Amethyst and Emerald colors.

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