Bracciale Geocube tonalità magenta
Bracciale Geocube tonalità magenta

New colors with Geocube

New colors for a now classic design. The German Coeur de Lion presents new colors of its Geocube collection, which is a line of handmade jewelry inspired by the geometric shape of the cube. Rigid and semi-rigid necklaces and bracelets, or earrings, are made of steel, also with a golden finish, with natural and synthetic stones, freshwater pearls and crystals. In the images of the new models, the intense blue in tune with summer stands out, synthetic tiger’s eye, rhinestone washers and colored glass. The set consists of a rigid necklace with adjustable closure (179 euros), a rigid bracelet with adjustable closure (65) and pendant earrings that recall the Art Deco style (89).

Bracciale con cubi azzurri
Bracelet with blue cubes

Another Geocube set is made up of a semi-rigid necklace, semi-rigid bracelet and pendant earrings, with synthetic tiger’s eye, red aventurine, blue aventurine, rose quartz and rock crystal. The semi-rigid necklace in gilded steel (189) features a sliding closure system that allows you to adjust its length (up to 74 centimeters). Same system also for the golden steel bracelet (89). The orange stone cube earrings (69).

Collana su tonalità magenta
Necklace on magenta tone

Another suite is tuned to magenta, the color of the year. For this Geocube set Coeur de Lion chooses the transparency of colored glass combined with rhinestones. The necklace (169) and the bracelet (85) show different shades, the earrings are monochromatic (59).

Orecchini tonalità magenta
Magenta tone earrings
Orecchini Geocube orange
Geocube orange earrings
Collana multicolor
Multicolor necklace

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