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Marco Dal Maso, from the moon to Amaia

The jewels of the Amaia collection by Marco Dal Maso. Images and prices ♦ ︎
If there is a young original Italian designer, it is Marco Dal Maso. Perhaps because he is one of those who has learned to look out of his own backyard, that is, from the known land of his homeland. Of course, traditions count and the ability to make jewelry remains a privilege of some corners of the world, like the area around Vicenza. But we must not forget that for centuries the Republic of Venice, that of the Doges, has built its greatness through travel, commerce, cultural contamination.
Marco Dal Maso is part of this story, with his passion for a culture literally at the antipodes, that of the Maori, the indigenous population of New Zealand. Passion that Dal Maso has transferred in his jewels, first to the masculine and then to the feminine. From this unusual marriage between the goldsmith skill of Vicenza and the tribal Maori traditions, here is the Amaia collection dedicated to women, with the Triangle Moon line in 18k black gold, which uses champagne diamonds and blue corundum sapphire. The name Amaia in the Maori language describes that lunar rainbow that on certain clear nights you can glimpse around the moon. And the designer says that the inspiration came to him during a summer night, while sitting on the shore of a lake with calm waters where the moon was reflected.
The concentric circles of the jewels have alternating characteristics: first only gold with engraved logos and rocky texture, then set diamonds. This game of alternations creates a halo of light that refers to that rainbow around the moon. The circles move, waving from left to right and resuming the concept of the lunar phases: first growing then falling. From the most classic shape of the moon, the circle, the line has been enriched by more unique and modern forms, maintaining the same characteristics. Prices: earring 11.200 euros, ring 6960 euros, bracelet 12700 euros, necklace 8540 euros.

Bracciale  della collezione Amaia
Bracciale della collezione Amaia

Marco Dal Maso, Triangle Moon, anello
Marco Dal Maso, Triangle Moon, anello

Orecchini Triangle Moon
Orecchini Triangle Moon

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