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The stars lucky charm of Dior

 Victoire de Castellane, creative director of Dior fine jewelry for 17 years, never stops and has just launched a capsule collection named Rose des vents. Starring a star formed by the four cardinal points and as many intermediate, then eight, as the lucky number of Christian Dior. In fact, the designer was not only very superstitious, always kept with him a star found outside the embassy of England in Paris as an amulet, but loved to periodically consult seers and diviners. And the star is also a recurring pattern in the mosaic in the garden of the former house of Dior in Granville, France. From here, the inspiration for these bracelets and necklaces with a delicate chain and at the center a round yellow or rose gold which frames the symbol, still precious metal, with a central diamond and the bottom in mother of pearl, pink opal, lapis lazuli or turquoise. An unusual sobriety  for de Castellane, who has accustomed the clients of the fashion house and all her fans in the jewelry world, to flamboyant jewelry, in a triumph of daring settings and a kaleidoscope of precious stones. But according to the designer this symbol works well in tiny things. The choice of colors is dictated by the ability of the mother of pearl and opal pink to blend into the skin, while the turquoise is a variation for the summer and the blue of lapis lazuli is a chic color and military without being tough, as has told the Wall Street Journal, the designer, who also confessed to wear in everyday life only the wedding ring and a thin ring by Dior, of course, with the inscription “Oui”, because walking on the street to her office office wearing too much jewelry would make her uncomfortable. The reason? She does not like to attract too much attention. One concern unexpected. Matilde de Bounvilles

Rose des vents, bracciale in oro giallo con opale rosa, con lapislazzulo e con turchese
Rose des vents, bracciale in oro giallo con opale rosa, con lapislazzulo e con turchese

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