Argento, vetrina — March 16, 2019 at 4:00 am

Kitchen jewels

Silver jewelry in the shape of kitchen utensils: this is the idea of Cooked Jewelry ♦ ︎

If you like cooking, you don’t miss an episode of Master Chef and look for cooking tutorials on YouTube, Cooked Jewelry jewels are for you. They are not precious jewels, but they are fun. They are discovered by New York Times and, for now, they are few. The idea is of a young, Chuck Key, known as Boomie, who uses sterling silver to make cleaver-shaped pendants, earrings with the design of chef’s knives, small pans, or the tool to beat egg white and yolk. They are the fruit of two experiences: Chuck’s father, Martin Key, is an award-winning gemstone designer, while Chuck worked in a restaurant, where the idea of kitchen jewels was born.
Jewels cost a few dollars and are presented on a background of butcher’s paper. In short, a right package to stay in the gastronomic theme.

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