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Jewels on saddle with Trendy Horse

Jewels for the amazons: gold earrings in the shape of a horseshoe, necklaces, bracelets … The elegance rises in the saddle ♦

Passion for horses and passion for jewelry: the result is called Trendy Horse, a brand that was born from a passion for saddles, stirrups and the art of equitation, headquartered in Merate, in the heart of the Brianza (the area between Milan and Lecco ) of the Perego family. In addition to managing a large riding stable at state of the art, where they breed horses for show jumping with an attached guesthouse and club house, Federico Perego and company have broadened the sportswear business and, from September, also to jewelry, with a rose gold and diamonds collection.

Orecchini in oro rosa 9 carati con perle
Orecchini in oro rosa 9 carati con perle

Needless to say, necklaces, earrings, pendants, bracelets, both rigid and tennis shape, or the rings, somewhat reminiscent equestrian style. For example, with the classic horseshoe icon, studded with tiny diamonds, or with a horse’s profile with two brilliant, or playback of the buckles used during races. Prices: from 200 to 3000 Euros, according to the different types of jewelry. Margherita Donato

Orecchini in oro rosa 9 carati con brillanti
Orecchini in oro rosa 9 carati con brillanti
Anello ferro di cavallo. Prezzo: 415 euro
Anello ferro di cavallo
Anello triplo. Prezzo: 400 euro
Anello triplo
Orecchini piramide in oro rosa. Prezzo: 160 euro
Orecchini piramide in oro rosa
Ciondolo ferro di cavallo. prezzo: 155 euro
Ciondolo ferro di cavallo
Bracciale tennis con ciondolo. Prezzo: 1410 euro
Bracciale tennis con ciondolo
Bracciale a ferro di cavallo doppio. Prezzo: 2955 euro
Bracciale a ferro di cavallo doppio

Anello cavallo. Prezzo: 200 euro
Anello cavallo

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