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Jewels for winter parties: which ones to wear

Party jewelry. Jewelry for Christmas. Jewelery for the evening of the last day of the year: which ones to choose? ♦ ︎

At first glance, the answer is quite simple: wear the jewel that best matches the dress. But that’s not the only answer. The best choice is the jewel that does not clash with the evening. A few examples: a particularly precious necklace is an exaggerated jewel for a family evening, perhaps also worn for dinner on December 24th, when the atmosphere is more intimate. For an evening with the family, a not too flashy, small jewel is more suitable. A yellow gold necklace, a pair of earrings of the same metal or a bracelet (alternatively, so as not to turn you into a Christmas tree) can be fine.

Collana Ivy, indossata
Collana Ivyby Nanis, indossata

A larger jewel, visible even a few meters away, is good for a party at a friend’s house or in a public place. Provided, however, that the context allows it. Especially if like a party in a long dress, an elegant dinner, a refined venue. But, beware: wear precious and very visible jewels are in a place that you consider safe: thieves do not party during the holidays.

Collana in corallo e oro indossata
Caterina Murino, collana in corallo e oro indossata

If the party is very crowded, in a place with many unknown people, it is better to choose jewels that are not too precious and flashy. Or, you can opt for a valid alternative: bijoux, such as those with Swarovski crystals, which shine or with cubic zirconia which in the dark shine like diamonds, but cost much less. In the confusion, few will notice that they are not real gems. Another tip: if you have to move from one place to another and you are not very sure, wear the jewels just before reaching your destination. During the journey they can stay in the car drawer (better to avoid the clutch bag, which can be easily snatched).

Camilla Morrone con un girocollo in diamanti di Messika
Camilla Morrone con un girocollo in diamanti di Messika

What jewelry to wear

What jewels to wear? With a black dress, diamonds are always good and in any case. If the evening is very elegant, but also formal, a pearl necklace never clashes. Of course, it is very traditional. On the evening of New Year’s Eve, however, you can afford the most daring jewels, the ones you hardly decide to wear during the rest of the year. It goes without saying that the perfect color is red. If you want to have some fun, the colored jewels are in tune with the evenings of holidays. In particular, earrings or necklaces with red stones or coral, as long as it is used on a quality jewel.

Collana e bracciale di Alex Ball, indossati
Collana e bracciale di Alex Ball, indossati

Don’t have a Burmese ruby ​​necklace available? Do not worry: there are not only rubies in red, but also stones such as rubellite, spinel, garnet, rhodolite, a variety of topaz, fire opal and even sapphires, although quite rare. Finally, there are synthetic stones: even a jeweler will not be able to distinguish them from real ones if he does not use a microscope or spectrometer. In short, a touch of red goes well with the celebrations and is not difficult to find. Last advice: if you expect the evening to be long, do not choose too heavy jewelry, which strain your ears or neck.

Collana di perle by Coscia, indossata
Collana di perle by Coscia, indossata

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