Collana in argento placcata oro indossata
Collana in argento placcata oro indossata

Ivi, gold with a revival flavor

The new gold jewels of the globetrotter designer Ivi Kyratzi ♦ ︎

From Cyprus to England, from England to New York, from New York to Los Angeles, from Los Angeles to Tuscany, from Tuscany to Milan. And New York. The designer Ivi Kyratzi is a globetrotter who, she says, has been in contact with the world of luxury since birth, because her family runs a high-end chain of stores on the island between Greece and Turkey.

Girocollo tubogas in argento placcato oro
Gold-plated silver tubular necklace

Before turning to jewelry, just three years ago, she studied economics in the UK and fashion design at Parsons in New York City. The conversion to the world of jewelry took place through her experience in retail: she discovered that customers are looking for a jewel that can stand the test of time, but without spending a fortune. A reflection quite common to other jewelers.

Ivi Kyratzi
Ivi Kyratzi

A concept that the designer communicated to Gabriele Veneri, of Beads & Co by Semar, a company based in Arezzo specialized in gold components for jewelry. Creativity and managerial experience, in short, have come together for the launch of Ivi, the jewelery brand Ivi. Style? The presented collection is defined as strongly inspired by vintage jewelry and recalls the old color of gold, as well as the fashion of the late seventies, eighties and early nineties.

Anello tubogas Gaia in argento placcato oro
Gaia tubogas ring in gold-plated silver
Precchini Mini Signore in argento placcato rodio
Mini Ladies earrings in rhodium plated silver
Anello Gaia in argento placcato rodio
Gaia ring in rhodium plated silver
Anello in argento placcato
Silver plated ring
Orecchini a bottone in argento placcato con resina
Resin-plated silver stud earrings
Anello chevalier in argento placcato oro con inserto in resina
Chevalier ring in gold-plated silver with resin element

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