Opera di Vasiliki Merianou

In Milan art and jewels by Vasiliki Merianou

Jewels and art, sculpture and bijoux: the marriage is destined to continue. In Milan, the Rossini Gallery is specialized in periodically proposing the work of designers, artists and creatives who engage in the creation of jewels. It is the turn of the Greek artist Vasiliki Merianou (alias Lokta Art) with the Paramonas exhibition (March 23 – April), inspired by the western coast of the island of Corfu and, in particular, by the beach of Paramonas. Vasiliki Merianou won in 2022, the first prize in the 1st edition Contemporary Jewelery competition, organized by the Rossini Gallery. She now exhibits over 30 creations, including jewels and micro sculptures, in this personal exhibition.

Vasiliki Merianou, founder of the Lokta Art brand, who lives and works in Switzerland, offers jewels with defined archaic and organic shapes, with earthy shades such as red, brown or beige, combined with cold tones such as green and blue. The materials used are the most varied: stones, wood, string and paper, poor and heterogeneous elements. On the other hand they are artistic creations.

Rossini Gallery
Viale Monte Nero 58, Milan
from Thursday 23 March to 7 April 2023
times: from Tuesday to Saturday 10.00 – 19.00

Collana di Lotka Art
Collana di Lotka Art

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