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The Renaissance of Alessio Boschi

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In this ring Pescis, the central stone is an aquamarine froma a considerable height mounted on the longer side. How to give lightness to the jewel? With two fish, one made up of tsavorites and the other of blue sapphires, touching eachother with their tails, in order to surround the stone, especially the pavilion angle, and to harmonize the whole. Then, there is the color shaded scales: the famous Asian micro setting with the added difficulty of the gradient of the green, which unlike the blue is more trouble to achieve. Another detail: the eyes are in blue moonstone, first turned over and dug inside to include a black diamond, and then turned over and mounted as a pupil. Lastly, if that wasn’t enough, in the gallery, which is the set that holds the stone, there is the outline of an octopus. Boschi’s signature is also in these divertissement, in the link between front and back.


  1. Cara Monica volevo davvero rongraziarti per il bellissimo articolo e per le parole ed i complimenti usate per descrivere il mio lavoro .
    Un abbraccio e fammi sapere se posso mandarti altro materiale mi raccomando rata in contatto con Veria che si occupa di tutto il marketing al seguente indirizzo
    Grazie ancora


    • Ciao Alessio, ma figurati, gli artisti come te sono una manna per noi giornalisti. Aspetto le nuove creazioni e anche la foto della collana con il glicine magari anche che si stacca la spilla.
      A presto

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