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The Renaissance of Alessio Boschi

Power to the imagination 

Here is another characteristic: the attraction for nature and the need to reproduce it in its true appearance. A vocation blossomed with the discovery of the works of Jar back in 2004, Boschi admits. Since then, after working for the Australian group Autore, «which taught me the sensitivity for color, accuracy in selecting the stones and above all, he made me realize the ability to talk jewels and their history. An attitude all Italian», and then for Italian Design and Ab Jewels, the designer has traveled the world including Australia and Hong Kong, and in a move that has somewhat shocked even his family, he decided to settle in Thailand. Its production, however, from a cultural point of view is absolutely European, Italian. The Asian skills, however, manifest themselves in the last details, like the paved colored gems shading: blue, less blue, light blue, less pale blue, white. Such virtuosity that few are able to play in jewels. Or in the selection of different shades of pearls, first of all a special category of baby Akoya, untreated and even uncolored, cultured in Vietnam and strung in Thailand, in fact. This year, Boschi was for the first time at Baselworld: its launch event. And he did it with a series of pieces that are concrete proof of his philosophy.

Orecchini Plume
Orecchini Plume

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  1. Cara Monica volevo davvero rongraziarti per il bellissimo articolo e per le parole ed i complimenti usate per descrivere il mio lavoro .
    Un abbraccio e fammi sapere se posso mandarti altro materiale mi raccomando rata in contatto con Veria che si occupa di tutto il marketing al seguente indirizzo
    Grazie ancora


    • redazione

      Ciao Alessio, ma figurati, gli artisti come te sono una manna per noi giornalisti. Aspetto le nuove creazioni e anche la foto della collana con il glicine magari anche che si stacca la spilla.
      A presto

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