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The Renaissance of Alessio Boschi

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Mark this name: Alessio Boschi. You will hear about him: in the area of jewelry he’s already known for years. But, before you hear about him, look in these photos the extraordinary work he does, and read his story, it’s worth it. Because Alessio Boschi is an artist of the jewel, an uncommon creative, a fusion cuisine’s five star chef applied to gems and gold. His unique pieces, well finished and more, are at once an indictment to the establishment of the jewelry. For two reasons: the first one is that the work of Alessio Boschi opens up a prevailing conformism, even in fine jewelery. The second one is that he, Italian born and graduated in Rome, prides itself on using Asian craftsmanship «and believe me, there are works are almost impossible to get in Italy on grounds of cost and because they are relatively new», explains Alessio to Gioiellis. «One of these is the bazel setting in microscope with tiny stones that blend in different shadows of color: in Bangkok there is an excellent manufacture with more than twenty years of experience. In short, only in Asia there are so skilled artisans in this kind of job. Let’s be clear: I am not the only one. In fact, all the big names in jewelry, both Italian, and French and American, have produced in Asia at least part of their jewels. Only there they do not say it. Of course, in Italy there are others excellent, for example, there are engravers who perform millimetre fissures in the stone to enter a gold leaf so that the stone preserves its transparency: instead of covering the stone he works from the inside. So for the flowering Wisteria necklace, I had the milky aquamarine cut in petals in Bangkok, and then in Italy I had the gold foliage».

Lotus Essence, anello con micro pavé di zaffiri di diverse sfumature
Lotus Essence, anello con micro pavé di zaffiri di diverse sfumature
Alessio Boschi
Alessio Boschi

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  1. Cara Monica volevo davvero rongraziarti per il bellissimo articolo e per le parole ed i complimenti usate per descrivere il mio lavoro .
    Un abbraccio e fammi sapere se posso mandarti altro materiale mi raccomando rata in contatto con Veria che si occupa di tutto il marketing al seguente indirizzo
    Grazie ancora


    • Ciao Alessio, ma figurati, gli artisti come te sono una manna per noi giornalisti. Aspetto le nuove creazioni e anche la foto della collana con il glicine magari anche che si stacca la spilla.
      A presto

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