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How to evaluate your jewelry

Is it necessary to have your jewelry appraised? The answer is yes: the evaluation of jewels (those of a certain value, of course) is a good idea for many reasons. Four are the most important reasons for evaluating a ring, necklace or bracelet:
1 In case of theft you can get an idea of ​​the damage you have suffered and specify it in the police report.
2 If you want to insure your jewelry, you need to have an idea of ​​what your value is (and if it is really worth insuring them) instead of relying completely on the insurance company.
3 Jewelery is among the most valuable items to be left to your heirs (as late as possible). Knowing how much they are worth helps in a fair sharing and avoids unpleasant quarrels.
4 If you want to sell your jewels, you must have an idea of ​​their actual value.

I gioiellieri valutano spesso anche gli orologi
I gioiellieri valutano spesso anche gli orologi

So how do you go about getting an appraisal of your jewelry?

The opinion of a jeweler. Not all jewelers can give an evaluation of a jewel. But some have the right skills and expertise. For an evaluation that is as realistic as possible it is necessary that the jeweler knows the market prices of the jewelry and that he also knows how to judge the stones that enrich the jewel. In this case it is necessary that he has obtained a diploma in gemology. What can a jeweler tell you? He will probably be able to immediately recognize the type of materials used. There is a big difference, for example, between 18-karat gold and 14-karat gold or with a lower carat. In addition, the jeweler will be able to observe whether the setting of the stones has been made in a workmanlike manner or is approximate. Finally, he will be able to weigh the jewel exactly. Attention: a jeweler can provide an opinion, not a true expert opinion. In short, the judgment of a jeweler is useful, but it does not often correspond to what could be received with the sale of a jewel. Research in the United States, for example, concluded that, in general, a jeweler’s valuation (without a purchase proposal) is always higher than the real value of the jewel.

Valutazione di un diamante di Rubin & Zonen
Valutazione di un diamante di Rubin & Zonen

When to evaluate jewels? If you have already had your jewelry evaluated in the past, do you have to repeat the operation? Experts recommend checking the jewelry valuation every two to three years. But it is difficult for the value of a jewel to fluctuate strongly in a short period of time, so these terms are not to be considered rigid. But if you have jewelry of great value, periodic appraisal may be a good idea.
Valutazione di un anello
Valutazione di un anello

The estimate of an expert. In every major city there are individual professionals or companies that value jewelry and precious stones. Of course, you pay for this service. How much? It depends on the number of jewels and their value. There are also those who offer online assessments, but these services must be taken with a good dose of skepticism. Of course, a simple jewel of a well-known brand and sold in many copies will be able to obtain a fairly credible evaluation, but it will always be approximate. Furthermore, a free appraisal probably means that those who value your jewelry are also willing to buy it. And do you think it will offer you a high price? In addition, the evaluation of a jewel with a stone, for example a diamond, must contain an exact description of the piece and an identikit of the stone: weight, color, purity, cut. A serious appraisal can also cost a lot if the jewel is complicated or of great value. But it can be money well spent if you intend, for example, to insure your jewelry (read also: how to insure jewelry against theft https://gioiellis.com/come-assicurare-i-gioielli-contro-il-furto ).
Lavorazione di gioielleria
Lavorazione di gioielleria

Keep an eye on the auctions. If you are unsure and think you own a valuable piece of jewelry, before proceeding to an appraisal you can browse (online) the results of the many auctions held every year. The auction price of a jewel similar to yours can give you an approximate idea of ​​what the market value is.
L'interno di una gioielleria Helzberg Diamonds
L’interno di una gioielleria Helzberg Diamonds

The offer of those who buy. A very authoritative certification, as far as stones are concerned, is a good result. A diamond ring accompanied by a certificate from a listed institution, such as the Gia in the United States or equivalent, is a starting point when you want to sell a piece of jewelry. The evaluation of those who buy, in fact, will tend to lower the value of the object. For example, in the case of a diamond, the buyer could consider the stone as a color G instead of E or F. Ditto for the degree of clarity: instead of VS1 it could become SI1 or SI2. So, if the valuation of your jewel is not “protected” by a very authoritative opinion, keep in mind that your idea could be optimistic: in short, do not expect a generic estimate to be respected at the time of sale. Among other things, keep in mind that a jeweler will never buy a diamond ring at the market price set in stores. In fact, jewelers buy stones wholesale, at a much lower price than that reserved for mere mortals. If you want to sell your jewel, take this aspect into account.
Asta di Christie's a Ginevra
Asta di Christie’s a Ginevra

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