Come evitare che l'argento diventi nero?
Come evitare che l'argento diventi nero?

How to eliminate forever the oxide

The silver of the jewelry, unfortunately, oxidizes and becomes black. How to prevent silver from turning into a blackened metal? Here are some simple tricks to prevent silver from being black ♦

Raise your hand who in the drawer doesn’t have at least one silver jewel that has oxidized. He was so cute, maybe it was cheap, or maybe you received a gift, the inheritance of your aunt and so… In any case, earrings and silver rings can very often be blackened due to the contact with oxygen: they oxidize and leave an unpleasant color on the skin.

The Twisted Coin, anello in argento con dollaro
The Twisted Coin, silver ring with dollar

Why does silver turn black? Simple: sterling silver or 925 is not 100% pure. In reality 92.5% is silver, while 7.5% is composed of other alloy metals. Often it is copper, responsible for the oxidation reaction, that is, the reaction of the metal in contact with the oxygen present in the air, but also with sulfur (often caused by pollution), or with humidity. This is achieved by contact with the skin of people who have a high Ph, i.e. slightly more acidic sweat. Finally, skin lotions, sunscreens, deodorants, perfumes and hairspray are other factors that can accelerate the oxidation of the metal.

Bracciale in argento sterling con pietre
Perfectly polished sterling silver bracelet

Off the light. To avoid making silver blacken, however, one must first learn to keep it well. Light, heat and humidity are enemies of silver and get to blacken it. Store the jewels in a closed box, lined with a soft cloth to prevent the metal from being damaged. If you don’t have a wooden box, you can also opt for a plastic box or a jar, but not transparent.

Anello Maui in argento e madreperla
Maui ring in silver and mother of pearl

Desiccant bags. The humidity, as mentioned, blackens the silver. Store the jewels together with desiccant bags, which are also used for electronic equipment. Inside the bags there may be, for example, silica gel, which keeps the surrounding air dry. It is a useful advice especially for those who live in houses or in humid places, such as at the sea or near a stream. Attention, keep the bags out of reach of children: they are not edible at all. Don’t want to buy bags? You can get away with a piece of chalk, another material that tends to absorb moisture.

Sacchetto essiccante
Desiccant bag

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Beware of acid. Acid substances are harmful to the health of your silver. Ok, you don’t have the habit of sprinkling your sterling silver earrings with lemon juice. However, the acidity of the skin, the cosmetics, and even the casual contact with some residue in the kitchen can quickly make the jewelery shine disappear. Do not put necklaces, rings and bracelets in mustard, lemon, vinegar and, in general, food … If you have sweated during the day, clean the jewels before storing them.

Rubber and latex. You didn’t suspect it, but even rubber and latex are not friends of silver. Prolonged contact may oxidize silver more quickly.
No dishwasher. Have you thought about polishing silver jewelery in the dishwasher? Mistaken. The detergent and the heat of the water can cause oxidation and corrode the metal. Silver must be cleaned with cold water and mild soap.

No dishwasher. Have you thought about polishing silver jewelery in the dishwasher? Mistaken. The detergent and the heat of the water can cause oxidation and corrode the metal. Silver must be cleaned with cold water and mild soap.

Anello con argento annerito
Ring with blackened silver

Still, there is a little trick to avoid this. Just copy the advice in this video we found on the net. The images are very clear, so there is no problem to understand its meaning.

Ok, it is advice banal, but it works. It goes like this: you take your ring that is blackened, and first of all clean it well. There are many ways to do this: you can use hot water and a couple of teaspoons of salt, leaving it to soak jewel. Or you can use water and baking soda. Once the gem is clean, here is a suggestion: you have to dry thoroughly and then just paint inside with transparent nail polish. Let dry and, voila, here is the problem eliminated. Easy, right?

Comment protéger une bague en argent ? di mariefrance

Ciondolo in argento ossidato
Oxidized silver pendant
Anello Contrarié
De Vecchi, contrary ring
Pianegonda, anello in argento della collezione Planus
Pianegonda, silver ring from the Planus collection/caption]

[caption id="attachment_35412" align="aligncenter" width="709"]Gli effetti dell'ossidazione dell'argento The effects of silver oxidation

Anello in argento di Bury
Bury silver ring


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