Nadine Ghosn con i suoi anelli
Nadine Ghosn con i suoi anelli

How to choose the rings to stack

Do you want to wear rings to stack? Different rings on the same finger? Here’s how to choose and what to watch out for ♦ ︎

Do you like to abound? In this case the multiple rings are the ones that do for you. Rings that double, triple, even multiply by four: in reality there is no limit to the number of circles that can be added on a finger. This is why some designers have been studying stacking rings for a long time. They can have an irregular shape that fits like a puzzle piece, or a clip that locks them together, or they can simply be added next to each other. And there are also those who combine rings of different styles, brands, even from different eras. In short, there is no rule: the secret lies in finding the right mix, in the choice of colors if it is rings with stones, in matching shapes, volumes, dimensions and, of course, the materials. Here are some tips.

Anelli con diamanti impilati
Michelle Fantaci, stacked diamond rings

Dimensions. Multiple rings increase the volume of metal and stones on your fingers. For this reason, the size of the individual pieces must be carefully evaluated. It is the whole that must be appreciated, so it is better that there is not one link that prevails over the others. Additionally, a large ring may become uncomfortable to wear due to contact with other rings. It is better to favor rings that have similar dimensions and are not at risk of being ruined by mutual contact.

Anelli di Roberto Coin
Rings by Roberto Coin

Colors. Mixing gold rings with different colors is possible. But pay attention to the nuances: pink gold is not always the same, and the same goes for yellow. A ring in 22 carat gold, intense yellow, will be too prevalent if combined with a metal with only 14 carats, paler. And a rose gold that tends to red because it has a higher percentage of copper can suffocate a ring with a softer color.

Anelli impilati con zaffiri di diversi colori
Rings stacked with sapphires of different colors from Gumuchian

Mix of styles. If you want to stack different rings, remember to follow a precise idea. In short, juxtaposing rings at random is not a good idea. If you have the chance it is better to wear rings with the same idea of ​​departure, a common style.
Weight. It seems strange to say, but adding too many rings to the fingers can work. Even a few grams, after many hours, feel: better focus on lightness.
Hazards. Stacking rings is fun, but be careful not to ruin them. Rings with stones or with a particularly elaborate design can scratch the neighboring ones.

Spinelli Kilcollin, anello Mercury in oro giallo, rosa e argento
Spinelli Kilcollin, Mercury ring in yellow, rose and silver gold
Anelli impilabili: in argento, oro giallo e diamanti, oro rosa e diamanti
Birks, stackable rings: in silver, yellow gold and diamonds, rose gold and diamonds
Alessa Jewelry, anelli della Amara Collection
Alessa Jewelry, rings from the Amara Collection
Cinque anelli in argento placcati oro 18 carati
Iosselliani, five 18k gold-plated silver rings
Set Angelina composto da tre anelli in oro con diamanti
Jean Dousset, Angelina set composed of three gold rings with diamonds

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