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Anello indossato by Giordana Castellan

How to choose a ring

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A recurring question among those that come to the editorial staff is: which ring to give? A simple engagement ring? Or a cocktail ring, perfect to show off at a party? And if the gift coincides with an anniversary, wouldn’t an eternity type ring be better? Let us try to give an answer. But with a premise: posed like this is a very vague question. Giving a jewel as a gift is always a good idea but, at the same time, it is often an expensive purchase: the choice must be carefully evaluated. And to choose a ring well you have to take into account some aspects.

Anello in oro rosa e diamanti by Alex Ball indossato
Anello in oro rosa e diamanti by Alex Ball indossato

What kind of ring?
It is not enough to choose the type of jewel (in this case the ring), but it is necessary to identify the right type of ring. Cocktail? Engagement? For an anniversary? To go to the office every day? The intended use of a ring is the first aspect to choose. When will you wear it? On what occasion? If you want to give a cocktail ring, for example, think if the person who receives it often goes to a party, spends the evenings in a disco, or is a person who loves spending time on social occasions. In this case, a large, eye-catching, colorful cocktail ring is what you need. If, on the other hand, your intention is to give a ring tied to an intimate moment, as a couple, a simple band ring in gold or silver, with or without stone, is the one for you.

Anello di fidanzamento indossato
Anello di fidanzamento indossato

With which clothing?
A ring must be suitable for the type of clothing you are wearing. So before choosing a model, find out what your partner’s style is. Do you always dress in designer clothes? Then, perhaps, she will pay close attention to the name of the jeweler who made the jewel. Do you prefer sporty and undemanding clothes instead? Then it will be more tuned to a no-brand ring, but nice to wear. Is it a formal type? In this case, be careful not to buy an extravagant ring.

Leo Pizzo, orecchini e anello indossati
Leo Pizzo, orecchini e anello indossati

What is the shape of the hands?
Well yes, in addition to identifying the ring size (we wrote here how to do it), pay attention to the shape of the hands. If they are small and small, a large and heavy ring will seem out of tune. If, on the contrary, the hands are large, the ring must also be proportionate to the measurements of the wearer.

Prova di un anello
Prova di un anello

What is your budget?
Avoid buying a ring that costs too much: it is useless to give a jewel and then not have the money to pay for a dinner. But at the same time, do not save on the purchase of a ring: it is a jewel that will be worn for years and that will have to testify the intentions of those who donated it. You don’t want every time he looks at it, you think you’re mean, right?

Anello della collezione Vie Privée indossato
Giorgio Visconti, anello della collezione Vie Privée indossato

Choose the right stone
If you want to give a ring with a stone, choose a diamond. With a diamond you are on the safe side, it is unlikely that it will not be appreciated. But a diamond costs more than many other stones which are still a good choice. Aquamarine, amethyst, garnet, tanzanite, in addition to the classic precious stones such as emerald, ruby ​​and sapphire, can be a valid alternative. An idea: you could give a ring with the gem tied to the birthday month. The birthstones can be found here.

Anello con acquamarina indossato
Anello con acquamarina indossato

What kind of ring

If your gift concerns the classic marriage request, which now also requires (??) someone willing to make the video while you kneel and show the ring (with the hope that she does not answer “no”), the solitaire is the ring that’s right for you. There are infinite variations, but the concept is always the same: a gold circle, more often white, with a diamond that stands out lonely and bright. How to choose? We wrote about it here.

Anello di fidanzamento
Anello di fidanzamento solitaire

But there are also many other types of rings. If the gift coincides with an important anniversary, even in this case choosing a diamond ring is always good. For example with an eternity type ring, if the anniversary is related to a couple relationship. As the name suggests, eternity symbolizes a love relationship that does not stop, which will last forever. Since the eternity ring is composed of a series of diamonds (but there are also versions with other stones) positioned along the band of the jewel, this type has the drawback of being often a little expensive. If, on the other hand, the anniversary refers to something less related to the passion of the couple, the choices may be different. A classic gift is a ring with colored stones: rubies, emeralds, sapphires. But also with spinel, rubellite, peridot or other semi-precious stones. In this case, the size of the stones and their visibility are much more important

Fawaz Gruosi, anello di alta gioielleria con zaffiri blu e rosa
Fawaz Gruosi, anello di alta gioielleria con zaffiri blu e rosa

If, on the other hand, you want to give a ring for your birthday, Christmas or to celebrate an event (or because you feel like it) you can opt for a cocktail ring. This choice, however, is very delicate. A cocktail ring does not have a classic style, like a diamond ring. Instead, they are fancy rings with a rather voluminous shape. Giving a ring like this also means knowing in depth the tastes of the woman who will wear it. In short, it is a risky choice but, certainly, a cocktail ring can be a very welcome gift. Provided you get the right choice.

Gioielli di Pisa Diamanti
Gioielli di Pisa Diamanti

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