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Ricerca di informazioni prima di acquistare un gioiello. Dove? Su ovviamente

How to buy the right size of a ring online

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How to choose the right size of a ring to buy online. A short guide to avoid mistakes ♦
How do you choose the right size of a ring if you buy online, for example a Pandora ring? It is a common question among those who want to buy a ring on the internet. We see, then, how to proceed to find the ring size that fits you.
1 First, before you worry, take a look calmly to the site that sells jewelry. The big online stores often offer a guide to find the right fit. We mentioned that Pandora, for example, offers a page with instructions, you find here.

Ricerca di informazioni prima di acquistare un gioiello. Dove? Su ovviamente
Ricerca di informazioni prima di acquistare un gioiello. Dove? Su ovviamente

2 Here’s how to read the table with the different measures. What it’s interests in Italy o France is the measurement in centimeters, which is the last column on the right. In Britain or the United States, however, using other measures, which also are listed in the table. The Thumbs column, however, does not refer to the largest finger of the hand, but to a scale used in the English-speaking world, the inch, in fact. One inch equals 2.54 centimeters.

Giovane incollata allo smartphone
Giovane incollata allo smartphone

3 At this point, just search a thin rope or a thick thread, such as wool. Wrap the wire to the finger has to wear the ring, without tightening too much, but not too loose. Once established the circumference of the finger, just measure the diameter. But if you want to save time you can safely measure the diameter of a ring that you already have and that’s fine there. The attached table (you can download it here) indicates the extent to which corresponds to the circumference of your finger. For example, according to Pandora, a measure of 16.6 mm it corresponds to the measurement 52. And if the diameter of your ring is different? When in doubt, always choose a size more large: if the ring is too large it can easily be tight.

Le misure per l'anello
Le misure per l’anello

Can I buy a jewel on a company site in another country (in Europe)?
Yes (but starting around Christmas 2018). The European Parliament has decided that there should be no more barriers (geo-blocking): this system obliges European consumers to make online purchases only on sites with domain of their country (ie .it, .fr, .de, -uk and so via) or to your payment system. From December 2018, in essence, you should no longer be redirected or blocked if you want to buy a jewel on the site of a Maison or a portal of another nation.

Shopping da Tiffany
Shopping da Tiffany

Can there be traps?
Sometimes it’s the details that hide bad surprises. Before buying an online jewel, it is advisable to carefully read the conditions of sale published on the site (they must be in the Shopping section, or General conditions, Purchase guide and the like).
Is the site safe?
Take a look at the address bar. Safe sites (like have a lock symbol or are marked with https (there must be the letter “s” at the end).

Charm di Pandora
Charm di Pandora
Bracciale collezione Bead (disponibile anche in altre versioni)
Tiffany, bracciale collezione Bead (disponibile anche in altre versioni). In vendita online

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