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Five myths wrong

How many colors does gold have? Are diamonds really indestructible? Are precious stones everytime more expensive than others? Discover the answers and debunked the myths regarding the jewelry ♦

Even in the jewelry there are myths die hard. They are opinions that you can listen by a friend, or suggestions that a grandmother, which you considered wise, handed down as truth, as the result of ancient experience. In short, as in many other aspects of life, even for jewelry the are popular belief, sometimes, hides the reality. Here are five myths that here are unmasked .
The diamond is indestructible
Diamond is one of the toughest elements that exist in nature. For this reason, many people believe that diamonds are indestructible. Not so. It is true that diamonds are at the highest level on the Mohs scale, which measures the hardness. But they are far from proof of damage. So, be careful: you can scratch a diamond, for example if it is brought into contact with another diamond. And in some cases, especially at certain points, such as the edge or belt of a ring, a diamond can scratch or break.

Diamante taglio brillante

The opal brings bad luck
It is a myth that has formed in the nineteenth century. It comes from a novel by Walter Scott, in which the heroine, Anne of Geierstein, throws his opal in the sea after spending many misadventures. Without the stone his life becomes serene. The Empress Eugenie of France, hit by the novel, fueled this belief that, as with all myths, is magnified through word of mouth. So much so that the opal was forbidden at the court of superstitious Tsar. Rather, opals are unlucky for those who have to work it: they break easily when are cutted.

Anello in oro bianco, diamanti, opale
Martin Katz, anello in oro bianco, diamanti, opale

Diamonds are increasingly rare
Not so. The trend in the price of diamonds is regulated by supply and demand. In short, it also depends on how much money people have in their pockets. Not only: the price of the stones is also affected by how many are placed on the market. The large mining companies are very careful not to sell too many diamonds, a factor that would decrease the price.

Bracciale Raindrop con diamanti taglio rotondo, baguette e a goccia
Bracciale Raindrop con diamanti taglio rotondo, baguette e a goccia

Gold has many colors
The jewels are most often offered in three variants of gold: white, pink, yellow, but there are also shades of green or black gold, brown, beige … In fact, in nature there is only one type of gold: yellow . The other gold variants are obtained by mixing gold with other elements, for example copper to obtain the pink variant. It is not just an aesthetic choice: pure 24-karat gold is very soft and deforms easily: this is why the yellow metal is alloyed with other elements, such as silver or palladium.

Small ring yellow gold and stars diamonds, lava finish
Antonini, small ring yellow gold and stars diamonds, lava finish

Semi precious stones are worth little
It’s not for sure. There are only four precious stones: diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds. But there are also semi-precious stones that are very rare and very beautiful, like alexandrite, demantoid garnet, tanzanite and aquamarine. A semi-precious stone of great quality can have a value greater than a gemstone.

Alex. Anello in oro bianco, alessandrite, tsavorite, diamanti bianchi
Alex. Anello in oro bianco, alessandrite, tsavorite, diamanti bianchi

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