vetrina — September 21, 2016 at 7:01 am

Dream Pasquale Bruni

By Pasquale Bruni a set consisting of necklace with diamonds 4549 and earrings: 4th Chakra.
In Indian religion, Hinduism, Buddhism and yoga, the chakras are areas of the body where are some of the physical and spiritual energies. In particular, the heart chakra is the center of everything. Not only because the heart is a vital organ, but because it is the seat of the spirit and the center from which all human emotions, especially love. You can believe or not this romantic conception of a muscle that pushes the blood in the veins, but for sure you will be charmed by the expanse of precious flowers composed of diamonds that make up the precious jewel collar 4th Chakra of Pasquale Bruni. Even before the heart, this piece of fine jewelry, made by the Piedmont Maison, vibrates your eyes. The set is composed by two coordinated pieces, collier and soft chandelier earrings: they are pieces that can also upset a master yogi. The necklace is composed of 4,549 diamonds for a total of 47.05 carats, the more an emerald of 16,68 carats. And more, there are the earrings with 400 diamonds totaling 4.68 carats and four emeralds, two small and two larger by 3.62 carats. A precious nirvana. Giulia Netrese

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