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Il bracciale DoDo loves Fagiane

Dodo bracelet with VeraLab

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Dodo jewels in recycled plastic version. The brand of the Pomellato group, born in 1994 with jewelry collections inspired (also) by nature, has signed an agreement with VeraLab, a cosmetics brand created by Cristina Fogazzi. This is how the limited edition bracelet called DoDo loves Fagiane was born from the collaboration. The bracelet is made in shades of pink with recycled plastic washers, interspersed with silver details from which a silver medal with pink enamel polka dots protrudes.

Il bracciale DoDo loves Fagiane
Il bracciale DoDo loves Fagiane

The project, according to the company release, was born from a common vision and a sharing of values between VeraLab and DoDo, to give a signal on the importance of environmental sustainability, on inclusiveness and respect for freedom of personal expression. Cristina Fogazzi boasts a following of over 940,000 followers on Instagram.
La medaglietta del bracciale
La medaglietta del bracciale

Dettaglio del  bracciale DoDo loves Fagiane
Dettaglio del bracciale DoDo loves Fagiane

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