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Do you still like pearls?

Even in the most ancient jewels the pearl was a star. Pearls have always been considered a classic in the world of jewelry, loved by queens and princesses, but also by women in general. But now? Do pearls retain their charm? What do the younger generations think? These questions are answered by a survey conducted in the USA by the Cultured Pearl Association of American and carried out by Mvi Marketing. Of course, the survey was conducted on American consumers, but it is very likely that the results differ not much from those that would be achieved in other countries.

Bracciale in oro e perle di Tasaki

The study was conducted July 19-24 with questionnaires to 1,012 people who bought at least $ 200 worth of jewelry in the past three years. The respondents are between the ages of 25 and 55, 73% female, while 27% male. The identikit also considers a family income of over $ 50,000. Additionally, 73 percent of the survey respondents were white, 9 percent African American, 9 percent of Asian descent, and 6 percent Latin American.
La collana di Yoko London indossata con gli orecchini abbinati
Collana girocollo di Yoko London indossata con gli orecchini abbinati

Result: pearls are among the favorite materials and 66% indicate that they have at least one jewel with the white spheres, daughter of the sea. Of this share, 69% own a string of pearls and 62% have pearl earrings. Again: 65% say they have at least one family jewel in their collection. And 46% say that pearls are a very common purchase, both because they are also bought for themselves as well as as a gift. Pearls are also linked to special occasions: 52% bought or received pearl jewelry for a birthday, while 46% for an anniversary. Young people like them too: Consumers between the ages of 25 and 35 think pearls are exceptional.
Giovanni Ferraris, anelli Vanity
Giovanni Ferraris, anelli Vanity con perle

There are also two new trends among younger consumers: men wearing pearls and pearl engagement rings. Men between the ages of 25 and 45, in particular, are interested in wearing pearl jewelry: 42% of those aged 25 to 35 and 47% of those aged 36 to 45, compared to 16% of men aged between 46 and 55 years old.
Collana di perle per uomo di Mikimoto
Collana di perle per uomo di Mikimoto

But, unfortunately, there are also negative aspects: for example, the general lack of information on the world of pearls. 81% of consumers have heard of cultured pearls, but only 34% know what it means and 60% do not know the connection between pearls and sustainability. In addition, 23% go against the tide and think that pearls belong to their grandmother’s time and 8% consider them outdated.

Anello con cluster di perle
Anello con cluster di perle di Vittoria d’Aste-Surcouf

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