Kim Rossi Stuart nel caveau
Kim Rossi Stuart nel caveau

Diamonds protagonists on television. For the robbery of the century

For once, or rather for eight times, diamonds will be able to be admired on a screen and not in jewelry. They, the most precious stones, are the protagonists of a new television drama on Amazon’s Prime Video. Only it’s not about jewels, but about the largest theft of diamonds and precious stones, for 100 million dollars, which occurred on February 15, 2003. And which now becomes a fascinating spectacle. In Antwerp, that night, a gang of Italian thieves, led by Leonardo Notarbartolo, who will be played by Italian actor Kim Rossi Stuart, ransacked the underground vault of the Antwerp Diamond Centre.

Carlotta Antonelli, Leonardo Lidi, Kim Rossi Stuart
Carlotta Antonelli, Leonardo Lidi, Kim Rossi Stuart

The thieves stole mainly diamonds, but also cash and jewels in one of the most incredible criminal exploits, with a movie-like plot. Here it is, in fact. The television series is called Everybody Loves Diamonds, and describes step by step the planning and execution of the robbery, which eluded one of the places with the most stringent security measures in the world. The cast is largely Italian: Anna Foglietta, Gian Marco Tognazzi, Carlotta Antonelli and Leonardo Lidi, with English actors Rupert Everett and Malcolm McDowell. Director Gianluca Maria Tavarelli. And for once, Italians’ aptitude for jewelery will not be associated with artisanal skills.

Diamanti in vendita ad Anversa
Diamonds for sale in Antwerp

Anversa: valutazione di un diamante
Antwerp: evaluation of a diamond

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