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Crivelli in colors

Crivelli’s Suggestioni cromatiche 3: diamonds, but also emeralds and sapphires ♦ ︎
White diamonds, a classic by Crivelli, are flanked by fancy varieties, but also sapphires, rubies, emeralds, apatites, paraibe … The jewels of the Valenza house presented at VicenzaOro widen the eye to the world of color. The series takes the name of Suggestioni Cromatiche 3. Nothing but a name, which lets you talk about the combination of stones mounted on jewelry with classic, rich, without the fear of being excessively exuberant. Necklaces with great use of emeralds, chandelier earrings with long lines of precious stones and, of course, even jewels made up exclusively of white diamonds. Perhaps the idea of ​​presenting high jewelery collections with a number of numbered catalogs will not be romantic, but what matters is the final product.
Born on the initiative of Bruno Crivelli, who decided to make the leap from the artisan to the great Maison, the company continues in this way, even with the new Suggestioni cromatiche, on the path traced by the founder. Alessia Mongrando

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