Bracciale in oro giallo e diamanti
Bracciale in oro giallo e diamanti di Crieri

Crieri launches hybrid e-shopping, with a discount

The step is inevitable: jewelry brands can no longer avoid the online sales channel. Sales figures all over the world indicate this. So also Crieri, a jewelery brand from Valenza (Italy) launches its e-shop, a digital showcase to reach buyers even from a smartphone, tablet or computer. The new Crieri platform includes the most iconic collections of the brand, such as the necklaces and tennis bracelets of the Icon line, the diamonds protagonists of the Pura collection, the dynamism and movement of the jewels of the Ritmo collection and the precious and contemporary colors of the Rainbow collection.

E-shopping collezione Ritmo
E-shopping collezione Ritmo

However, the company does not intend to leave out the more traditional sales channels, but simply add a new distribution network. The e-shop promises flexibility thanks to the possibility of choosing between the methods of receiving the jewels: they can be collected from one of the brand’s retailers or at home, by courier: a cooperation between digital and physical channels.
Anello in oro rosa con diamante taglio brillante
Anello in oro rosa con diamante taglio brillante, collezione Pura

In-store collection allows you to add the assistance of qualified personnel, but not only: those who collect the jewel at a store will get a 10% discount on the purchase. A decision that seems attractive to those who buy and, at the same time, allows the retailer to earn their margin on the sale, as if the purchase had ended in the store.
Il lancio del punto vendita Crieri nello store Brian & Barry, a Milano
Il lancio del punto vendita Crieri nello store Brian & Barry, a Milano

Our new e-commerce platform aims to become a link between the end customer and the retailers who today represent us in the area. It is a real service tool that we make available to the intermediary customer and the end customer. We conceived the site as a sort of hub, a container of useful information for the entire supply chain that combines the commercial and marketing approach and which we are sure will find fertile ground with all our interlocutors.
Michela Saracino, general manager of Crieri

Michela Saracino
Michela Saracino

Opportunities for jewelers
Crieri retailers will be able to offer their availability for the collection of in-store jewelry from online purchases through an area reserved for them on the site. By registering on the platform, distributors will have a personal page where they can enter information and images of their store. Through this reserved area, they will be able to access exclusive content and materials useful for promoting the brand, participate in in-depth or training video lessons and webinars and receive brand communications through a privileged channel.
Area riservata ai gioiellieri
Area riservata ai gioiellieri

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