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Clean gold with ammonia?

How to clean gold jewelry with a simple system: a bathroom with water and ammonia. Here’s how.

Your relationship as a couple has tarnished? Or, perhaps, it is only the ring that with time no longer shines? In this case the solution is quite simple and the ring will return sparkling as when it was new. For marriage (or relationship), however, it takes other systems. Anyway, here’s how to get back shining a bridal ring, the engagement ring or other. The solution is called ammonia. Followed, however, these instructions carefully.

First: when NOT to use ammonia

Ammonia bottle
Ammonia bottle

First of all it must be clear that this system threatens to ruin the delicate jewels, particularly those with soft stones or pearls. Even diamonds, if the solution is too strong, they could lose transparency.
If you have jewelry of this type, follow the guides on how to clean your jewelry, you find in the top menu “da sapere.” If, instead, you have to clean gold or platinum jewelry, like the wedding ring or earrings, necklaces or bracelets, you can use this method. Another warning: do not use this method with jewels that are just plated, ie not full gold.

Anello a bagno
Anello a bagno

• Pour into a container six parts of warm water and one of ammonia. Someone suggests a more concentrated solution, with only three or four parts of ammonia but, of course, is more risky and may discolor the metal. If the jewelry is also very dirty, add a few drops of liquid detergent and stir.
• Immerse the jewelry in the solution and keep them in water for ten minutes. Who is allergic is better to wear rubber gloves.
• The past ten minutes, remove the jewelry from the container and use a toothbrush with soft bristles to gently clean your jewelry.
• After this first cleaning, it is better to put to soak the jewelry for another ten minutes, to remove the remaining dust.
• Brush gently again the metal.
• If dirt remains, repeat steps.
• Rinse with cold water.
• Dry with a soft lint-free cloth.
• Voila, the jewel is back to shine as when you purchased or when you have received as a gift.

Anelli nuziali in oro
Anelli nuziali in oro


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