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Choose the perfect earrings

The characteristics that must have the earrings to be perfect. Here’s how to choose the right earrings ♦ ︎

What are the most beautiful earrings in circulation? Obviously it is a question that can not be answered correctly. It depends on the tastes, style and, above all, the possibility of spending each one. You can, however, select the ideal models to inspire yourself. In short, perhaps the most luxurious earrings are unattainable for many, but they can become points of reference for those who have decided to buy, or give away, this gem. An example: the Pyramis earrings by Picchiotti, in white gold and diamonds for over 7 carats, are an exceptional jewel. But, of course, it is not easy to get such a result.

Pyramis earrings by Picchiotti
Pyramis earrings by Picchiotti

Any case, in order for a pair of earrings to be really successful, it must match these requirements:

  • Balance: it is important that the earrings have the right proportion between the different parts that compose them, as in a pictorial composition.
  • Lightness: it is useless to buy beautiful earrings, if after a couple of hours the ears are sore.
  • Visibility: the earrings are worn to be admired. If you have long hair, which covers the ears, better to choose larger models, which can be observed through the hair.
  • Brilliance: sparkling earrings are more noticeable than those made of opaque materials. One more reason to often polish earrings made exclusively of gold or silver.
  • Anallergicity: pay attention to the metal used for the earrings. Anyone suffering from nickel allergy will do well to ascertain before the alloy used for the jewel. Hooks and clips, in fact, are never in pure gold (24 carats). In any case, choose a pair of earrings that fits the shape of the face. We talked about it here.
Orecchini Diamonds Rain, a frange in oro bianco 18 carati e diamanti indossati
Orecchini Diamonds Rain, a frange in oro bianco 18 carati e diamanti indossati by Tatiana Verstraeten

Stud earrings. Impossible not to have at least one pair of earrings of this type in the drawer. Essential for those with small ears and short hair, perfect for any type of ceremony, discreet but elegant. The button ones with diamonds represent the discreet luxury of the classy woman. In what form? It doesn’t matter – as long as they’re not too small or too big for the shape and size of your ears.

Orecchini di Katherine Jetter con smeraldi e smalto nero
Orecchini di Katherine Jetter con smeraldi e smalto nero

Pearl earrings. Button or pendants, chandeliers or together with other gems: pearl earrings are a jewel that endures over the centuries for the purity of the material and simplicity. And if once pearl earrings were associated with an adult, elegant, formal woman, today they are also worn with blue jeans. Indeed, a less conventional combination makes the contrast stand out more.
Orecchini con perle e diamanti
Orecchini con perle e diamanti by Nicholas Varney

Hoop earrings. The simplest of geometric shapes, the circle, is also the oldest type of earrings. Also in this case it is good to keep in mind what the shape of your face and ears is: the hoop earrings must be proportionate to your height and build. You choose whether to wear simple yellow gold hoops, or earrings that play with this shape by adding stones, diamonds or color.
Orecchini della collezione Archetti in oro rosa e zaffiri rosa
Orecchini della collezione Archetti in oro rosa e zaffiri rosa by Fiore Roberta

Chandelier earrings. They are not for everyone: these earrings catalyze the eye on a part of the body, ears and neck. Those with a short and rather thick neck probably prefer to avoid drawing attention to an imperfect proportion. Conversely, large chandelier drop earrings (French word for chandelier) are perfect for those with a round face, but an elongated neck. However, they are challenging earrings, not recommended to combine them with large and showy necklaces.
Orecchini chandelier con diamanti bianchi
Studio Rêves, orecchini chandelier con diamanti bianchi

Drop earrings. With colored stones, diamonds, gold: earrings of this type can be beautiful, but also very ugly. It depends on the proportions decided by the designer. They offer a pleasant movement to the eye, but they don’t have to turn the wearer into a Christmas tree. In short, they must be chosen with care.
Kate Middleton con orecchini Mouawad
Kate Middleton con orecchini Mouawad

Earcuff. The earrings that follow the contour of the ears, as well as all the other variants, were born as non-conformist, almost punk jewels and, in any case, for very young women. As is always the case, this form of earring has already turned into a classic also adopted by high jewelery houses. In short, no fear of wearing a jewel of this type even if you are over 30 years old. Rather, keep in mind that if you choose earcuffs and the like you also need to know how to wear them.

Kate Middleton con orecchini Mouawad
Kate Middleton con orecchini Mouawad

Earcuff. Gli orecchini che seguono il contorno delle orecchie, così come tutte le altre varianti, sono nati come gioielli anticonformisti, quasi punk e, comunque, per donne giovanissime. Come avviene sempre, questa forma di orecchino si è già trasformata in un classico adottato anche dalle Maison di alta gioielleria. Nessun timore, insomma, a indossare un gioiello di questo tipo anche se avete superato i 30 anni. Piuttosto, tenete conto che se scegliete earcuff e simili occorre anche saperli indossare.


Earcuff con diamanti taglio Ashoka
Earcuff con diamanti taglio Ashoka

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