L'attrice francese-iraniana Golsheifteh Farahani indossa la collana Calustra
L'attrice francese-iraniana Golsheifteh Farahani indossa la collana Calustra

Cartier’s Le Voyage Recommencé

Traveling with Cartier. But it is a symbolic journey, which refers to the history of the Maison which belongs to the Richemont group. The journey is also across the frontiers of fine jewelry. And Cartier presented in Florence, one of the most famous tourist destinations, the stage of its itinerary, which has never stopped. This is why the new high jewelery collection is called Le Voyage Recommencé. Florence is also the home of classical Renaissance architecture. And the new collection is very inspired by the geometries of architecture, with jewels that show a refined choice of volumes. An idea that immediately appears clear in pieces such as the Ondule ring, with a grey-purple diamond in the centre.

Anello Ondule, in oro bianco, pavé di diamanti e un diamante grigio-viola al centro
Ondule ring, in white gold, pavé diamonds and a grey-violet diamond in the centre

Le Voyage Recommencé has over 80 new jewels, the result of the aesthetic care of Jacqueline Karachi, High Jewelery Creative Director of Cartier. The journey through the history of the Maison also passes through a new interpretation of symbols, such as the famous panthère, which is wrapped around the center of a necklace. The feline is used for the Panthère Givrée necklace, where the eyes with small emeralds are surrounded by diamonds and aquamarines, with small lapis lazuli as a link.

Collier Panthère GIvrée, con diamanti, acquamarina, lapislazzuli
Panthère Givrée necklace, with diamonds, aquamarine, lapis lazuli

There are many jewels with an exceptional charm. The Claustra necklace plays with a daring combination of openwork applied with the white of the diamonds and the black of the onyx, one of Cartier’s classic combinations. The extra touch is a 4.02-carat briolette-cut diamond. The Sama necklace required careful design work to assemble the different components. The result is a necklace that appears to be composed of crashing sea waves on a 19.27-carat Ceylon sapphire. But in reality the sea has nothing to do with it: the jewel is inspired by the dancing dervishes.

Collana Sama, con diamanti e uno zaffiro Ceylon da 19,27 carati
Collana Sama, con diamanti e uno zaffiro Ceylon da 19,27 carati

Still in Tuscany, but in the Lucchesia, Cartier sparks with his story in an exhibition with more than 350 pieces at Villa Reale di Marlia. The exclusive selection of Cartier high jewelery pieces has been set up according to the choices of Patricia Urquiola, architect and decorator who has recently readapted the premises of the Maison in rue de la Paix, in Paris.

La collana Claustra con diamanti e onice. Al centro un diamante taglio briolette da 4,02 carati
The Claustra necklace with diamonds and onyx. At the center is a 4.02-carat briolette-cut diamond
Collana Girih con smeraldi dello Zambia e turchesi intagliati
Girih necklace with carved emeralds from Zambia and turquoises
Collezione Le Voyage Recommencé
Le Voyage Recommencé Collection
La mostra di gioielli Cartier a Villa Reale di Marlia
The Cartier jewelry exhibition at Villa Reale in Marlia

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