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Bridal rings Batticuore with Damiani

It’s the wedding season. And for every marriage it takes three faiths: one is the one that unites the two spouses, that is mutual trust, the other two are the ones that fit on your finger. Damiani has a special prerogative in this: the Piedmontese Maison has always offered many variations of rings for the occasion, also with the option to design a jewel. In this case, however, it offers a new line, Batticuore (means Heartbeat). The rings are made of white gold. They have a snug fit and the center of the band is recessed, thanks to a retractable frame, a special heart, available in white diamond or in deep red ruby. The heart that will beat probably is that of the recipient. The hearts on rings can be visible or hidden inside the ring, in direct contact with the ring finger.

Anelli con cuore estterno
Anelli con cuore estterno
Anelli in oro bianco con pietre all'interno
Anelli in oro bianco con pietre all’interno

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