La app di Tiffany sull'iPad
La app di Tiffany sull'iPad

App Tiffany for a custom ring


Men, are you undecided about how to be the engagement ring you want to purchase from Tiffany? Women, want you a solitaire bespoke, just as you have always dreamed of? It is now easier, thanks to Engagement Ring Finder app, a free software for tablet or smartphone iOs (iPhone, iPad) and Android (for example, Samsung) which makes it easy to chose your own ring or create one. Not only: the application allows you to virtually try the ring on their hand. Just snap a photo of your hand to see how it might appear the ring selected. In addition, you can share the picture with friends. The app is not the only novelty. The brand of New York also presented Tiffany Novo. It is a cushion-cut diamond ring with four claws and pavé diamonds. Federico Graglia

La app di Tiffany sull'iPad
La app di Tiffany sull’iPad
L'anello Tiffany Novo
L’anello Tiffany Novo
Basta una foto alla mano per vedere l'effetto dell'anello quando è indossato
Basta una foto alla mano per vedere l’effetto dell’anello quando è indossato

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