vetrina — September 17, 2016 at 7:00 am

Antonini white version

Antonini in white with a ring to remain still Extraordinaire.
Here is the image of the new single piece of Antonini Extraordinaire collection, which was presented to VicenzaOro. It is a ring made of natural white gold, with white diamonds (totaling 1.97 carats) round and rosette cut The ring is added to the collection Mosaici presented a year ago and that includes jewelery in diamonds and natural sapphires of different colors. Its peculiarity is the different diamonds, rosette and round cut, and of different sizes: this incoherence creates a concave surface with a thousand facets that absorb and reflect around the large central rosette a diamond never the same light. The name of the line of these jewels, which also includes a pendant, is indicative: they are creations not duplicated, numbered, certified, personally designed by Sergio Antonini. The price of this ring is 18,000 euro.

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