Collezione Charms di Amen
Collezione Charms di Amen

Amen’s Charms

Charms: according to the dictionary it is any object that you dangle. In particular, a jewel, medal or other trinket that hangs from a chain or ribbon as an ornament. In short, the function of small objects that are added to bracelets or necklaces is well described and is also very popular. To the category of pendants are now added those of Amen, a Tuscan brand born to promote bijoux inspired by the religious world, but not only.

Ciondolo in argento a forma di quadrifoglio
Ciondolo in argento a forma di quadrifoglio

The new Charms collection by Amen aims to make the spiritual tradition dialogue with modernity, that is, with objects related to common life. The collection includes lucky charms, amulets, but also symbols of love or simply small figures that can enrich a chain on the arm or around the neck. There are hearts, but also the tower of Pisa, an anchor, or the tree of life, a Carnival mask or the classic four-leaf clover. The line, which includes about sixty different pendants, is made of silver.
Collezione Charms di Amen
Ciondolo carrozzina

Collezione Charms di Amen
Collezione Charms di Amen

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