Nuove collezioni, vetrina — November 6, 2017 at 4:30 am

Alunno’s line

Fringes, wires and silver chains for making jewelery of great impact: it’s Alunno & Co’s proposal ♦ ︎
At GoldItaly 2017 the jury also awarded to Alunno & Co of Arezzo an extra award. Recognition did not surprise nobody: the company has a long tradition among the protagonists of silver jewelery and processing in Tuscany. It was born in 1977 and has become a consolidated reality, led by Mario Alunno, who continues the family tradition. At the center of the activity is metal processing, especially silver. Jewelery is interpreted with an almost-fashioned vision: for example, with long earrings made up of small silver chains, or in large necklaces, even in this case made by playing on metal threads, in a key 1970s. They are jewels that point to the impact of metal, the charm of the old, dear, gold that is the symbol of jewelery for millennia. Not surprisingly, in the Etruscan tombs found in Tuscany, jewelry has been found that somehow are linked to this ancient tradition. And Alunno goes on this way. Lavinia Andorno

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