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Anello della linea Filodellavita con diamante fancy yellow

A yellow diamond for Rubinia


Yellow like mimosa flowers, but precious like a diamond. Because, in fact, it is a diamond. The Milanese brand Rubinia turns 35 and to celebrate it has added a fancy yellow diamond to its iconic Filodellavita ring in a collection of 99 pieces. The idea comes from the founder of the small Maison Roberto Ricci.

Anello della linea Filodellavita con diamante fancy yellow
Anello della linea Filodellavita con diamante fancy yellow

I decided to choose the one that represents the Olympus of precious stones for this collection. If the diamond is the most extraordinary and desired gem, natural fancy color diamonds represent the pinnacle of prestige and fantasy. Colored diamonds are a real rarity, so much so that they are considered miracles of nature: just think that they represent only 0.01% of the total number of diamonds present in nature. At this particular moment for the whole world, I wanted to tie myself to a line that speaks more than ever of the uniqueness of life through yellow diamonds. And I could only choose the Filodellavita collection as the ideal custodian and custodian for this dream.
Roberto Ricci

Yellow diamonds, in the sign of traceability, are supplied by Diamwill, a Belgian company specialized exclusively in fancy color natural diamonds for over 35 years, which is able to guarantee its customers the highest quality and transparency of information. The yellow diamonds of this collection are therefore accompanied by a guarantee certificate of authenticity and origin. In particular, these diamonds originate from the Namibian desert and meet the requirements of the Kimberley Process.

Anello Filodellavita Ten Ruby
Anello Filodellavita Ten Ruby

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