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A queen with Pasquale Bruni

The Ghirlanda Nefertiti by Pasquale Bruni: diamonds and topaz dedicated to the queen of ancient Egypt.
If you do not know the history of the ancient Egyptians, you must know that Nefertiti was a queen of great character, of the Eighteenth Dynasty. At one point in his life he has changed, like her husband Akhenaten, his original name Nefer-neferu-Aton. The name means “Aton is beaming with splendor, the beautiful has arrived.” Historians know that it was a revolutionary choice, because it meant honoring the deity that the king, her husband, had introduced: Aton, instead of the traditional pantheon of gods, in contrast to the beliefs of the priests of the time. In a nutshell, a queen was a star and not just a silent wife. To her, Nefertiti, the high jewellery Maison, Pasquale Bruni, devotes the Garland Collection line. The jewels dedicated to Nefertiti have a deep blue topaz London. The stone is composed together with white diamonds to form a garland of lotus flowers. Among all the online jewelry stands out the big necklace that Nefertiti would certainly be appreciated. Lavinia Andorno

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