— May 8, 2016 at 5:00 am

A flair for necklaces

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils that should be used to improve the own mood and even have a positive effect on the body. Many are convinced, and follow the dictates of this theory. If any of you have this olfactory passion, here is a series that combines the aesthetics of the jewelry with that of aromatherapy. The idea, not surprisingly, comes from the US, from Cor (the founder is called Coreena), a company of Connecticut. His proposal is for a chain with a pendant that inside contains a sort of roving, which is soaked in scented oils. Chain and pendant are golden (but are coming two colors) and cost $ 125. There are three possibilities of choice as regards the aromas. The mixture Focus, for example, is composed of basil, cardamom, grapefruit and sweet orange. The mix called Calm, which as its name indicates is to relax, and contains lavender, Roman chamomile, neroli, Rosalina, Linaloe Berry. Energy is instead the mixture of mint, rosemary, tangerine, lemon. Each refill (made up of three refill) costs $ 10. You can buy them online by clicking here. Rudy Serra

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