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A big diamond pink in auction by Christie’s

Christie’s is selling the largest Fancy Vivid Pink diamond cushion-cut. The stone is 16.08 carats and has an estimated value of 23 million to 28 million dollars. It will be auctioned by Christie’s Magnificent Jewels on November 10 in Geneva. The diamond is mounted on a ring, with a double row of white pavé diamonds, which surround and highlight the main stone. Not only: the jewel has a third row of small diamonds in pink. The band is covered by small white diamonds on platinum. To appreciate the stone (and tempt potential buyers), from October the pink diamond will be on tour from Hong Kong, and then to New York and London before the exhibition and sale in Geneva.
In the realm of natural colored diamonds, those of a sharp pink hues are among the most sought after by fans of gemstones. Most pink diamonds have a tendency to purple, orange, brown or gray. The pink diamond Christie’s, however, has no trace of a secondary color: an aspect that makes it extremely attractive. From a standpoint of gemology, this Fancy Vivid pink ranks as a type IIa diamond, which contain little or no nitrogen. A common aspect that only less than 2 percent of all diamonds. According to the Gemological Institute of America are features that have only a diamond in a hundred thousand. If you have almost 30 million, you can buy it… Federico Graglia

Il diamante rosa da 28 milioni di dollari
Il diamante rosa stimato 28 milioni di dollari

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